Our Tribute

A Tribute to our Georgie boy – We owe it all to him!

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A few words for a special man, The boss, the rock, the core

We think about you everyday, Your the one we still adore




The chairman of our family, The king of the nolan clan, A lovely friend to many, A well respected man


A witty sense of humour, A personality no one could forge, There’s no one that will ever be, As great as our St George


You enjoyed a pint of bitter, A Man U footy game, But without you there to cheer them on, It’ll never be the same


You left so many memories of laughter, love and joy. We miss you more than anything Our dear loved Georgie boy xxx


GBTaxiWith the proceeds left from George’s estate we decided to honour his name and invest the money in to a new taxi and sign-age to keep George’s spirit alive.


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